Generally on a book to movie adaptation you see the author of the book on set for a few days here and there but as LA Times reported, John Green is integral to the set of The Fault in Our Stars.



In the article he talks about his inspiration for the main character, Hazel Grace, and his desire to keep the film as close to the book’s “anti-sentimental” feel as possible.

“I felt like most of the movie versions would be exactly what I didn’t want it to be: sentimental and maudlin — everything the book was trying to speak against,”

The cast values his participation and it seems that the film making process would be lacking if he wasn’t there.

“It definitely made a difference having him here,” Woodley said. “Everyone kept talking about him coming back when he was gone.”

Read the full article HERE.  The Fault in Our Stars opens June 6, 2014.

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