I’ve now had a full 24 hours to digest the video that is the new Allegiant trailer. Before we go any further, watch below:

I am trying. Trying so, so hard. Basically we here at Hashtag have taken the stance that the movies are just not adaptions of the books anymore. Does that mean they can’t be good movies? No. Does that make our Initiate hearts die a little? Yeah. Yeah it does.

I really don’t know what direction these films are going to take. Whether the same “outcome” is even being shaped to take place. There are a few things that I liked about the trailer however. I liked Tris’ voice-over. I loved the shedding of their faction clothes and burning of them. (Very welcome to Dauntless from the first movies) I loved #NakedFour because who doesn’t like a little shirtless Theo James? (I mean you didn’t think we could NOT mention that shower scene right?)

I mean Geez.

I love the #FourTris feels we get from this trailer

However I just feel like we wouldn’t be representing our roots (We started as a DIVERGENT fansite ya’all) if we didn’t discuss some of the things that rubbed us wrong.

It’s one thing if they decide to take these movies in a completely different aspect from the books, however I wish they would stay consistent to the first two movies. I would like to know when dystopian Chicago turned into red-planet Mars? First beyond the fence is marshland. Then it’s forest (aka Georgia) and then we get this sci-fi, red desert looking space land? It’s just SO inconsistent.

When did Dystopian turn into Sci-Fi? To me, there is a huge difference and the new feel of this series is HEAVILY Sci-Fi which is disappointing. What ARE those bubble looking things attached to ships?!

The bubbles brings me to my next point that my 13 year old daughter Cydney brought to my attention. They establish thoroughly in Divergent that Four is afraid of heights via his fear landscape. He doesn’t zipline, he hates heights. In Allegiant (the book) Four passes on the opportunity to fly in a plane because of this fear. Yet we see him flying around in these bubbles attached to flying ships? Four would never have it and if he didn’t have a choice, he certainly wouldn’t look comfortable doing it. Another inconsistency.


There is more that we could pick apart but we have gotten enough off our chests at this point. Having said all this, will we still support the movie? Heck yes. Why? Because we are loyal. We are dedicated. We are Initiates. We just won’t be shy about telling you how we feel.

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