So it’s officially been almost a week since Insurgent was released and we are finally ready to post our reviews. Honestly, I needed to see it again and process a little bit before I was ready to share my thoughts! And some of us here at have differing opinions so check it out below. You have been fair warned that SPOILERS lie ahead!

Jennifer, Kylie and I (April) all have some thoughts for you!


While I really really wanted to say that I LOVED Insurgent, I just can’t. I most definitely liked it, I just didn’t love it. I knew going into it that some things were changed. Ultimately I was really okay with the majority of the changes until the last 20 minutes of the movie. I was surprised how much I actually liked the addition of “the Box” to the movie. No it wasn’t in the book, but I thought it was a really clever way to present the idea of a message from the past, otherwise it would have been kind of boring.

Theo James and Shailene Woodley’s chemistry in this movie is again wonderful. One of the things that I loved about this adaption was the lack of tension between Tris and Four. In the book, Tris and Four’s relationship is somewhat strained because of the lies between them. (Will’s death etc) However in the film, it is a much more pleasant relationship and you really get all of the “FourTris” feels. Can we also talk about when every woman in the theater’s ovaries exploded as Four was playing with the little kids at Amity? SO Adorable!fouramity

Miles Teller as Peter was great this go around. He was funny and witty and kept the mood light. Ansel Elgort. Running was still terrible. If not worse. I realize that Caleb is not supposed to be an “active” guy but in my opinion the sloppy running felt very fake. However, They did give Caleb MUCH better lines in this movie. The thing I don’t love about Ansel is that he is almost TOO likeable and I didn’t hate him as much as I did in the books. The addition of Uriah in this movie felt very forced to me and that was disappointing. They expect you to buy that Tris and this kid Uriah have some personal bond and can confide in each other but it just wasn’t believable since he just suddenly appeared in the 2nd movie. It had nothing to do with Keiynan Lonsdale or Shailene Woodley’s acting ability, it was more a huge missed opportunity in the first movie.

Insurgent-Keiynan-Lonsdale-and-Shailene-Woodley One of the things I missed the most in this movie was the fact that it was not filmed in Chicago. I think that was one of the things about the first movie that really stood out to me. While I have not been to Chicago yet, the fact that it was shot there matched up so perfectly to the pictures I had in my head after reading the book. Besides the Amity compound, a BIG portion of this movie is Green Screen. I remember that Neil Burger (Director of Divergent) said that he wanted Divergent to feel as real as possible and I liked that fact. Insurgent has fantastic special effects, stunts and simulations but I missed the real-ness of Divergent. The Amity compound was however beautiful and I could see Shailene just wanting to live there!amity


Last but not least, we need to talk about this ending. In the book. The woman in the message very clearly states that she is Amanda Ritter, and taking the name of Edith Prior. The book ends after the message is played. You are left wondering “WHAT!? A Prior!?” In the movie, her name is not stated, the city is told they are an experiment and that they should leave and come to them on the other side of the walls. Then the WHOLE CITY proceeds to rush to the wall. This is very confusing to me. If you have read allegiant you know that the Factionless take over the city and the “Allegiant” is formed to leave the city. With this MAJOR change I am confused and just not sure where they are going to go with Allegiant at this point. I am not one that thinks a movie adaption needs to be spot on matching the novel, but this was so different that I found it affected how I enjoyed and viewed the movie as a whole. ending

Having said all this… I do think you should go see the movie! It was really beautiful on screen and I think if you go into it with an open mind, you will not leave disappointed! Be sure to comment below and let us know what YOU thought!

Here are some short thoughts from some of our other staff members!


The first time I saw Insurgent I really liked it. My head was aching because I had to see it in 3D (and o don’t do well with 3D), but I enjoyed it. The second time I saw Insurgent it was in 2D and I LOVED it! I still have my concerns with it, mainly the ending and them leaving the whole “Edith Prior” bomb out, but as a sequel to the Divergent movie it was fantastic! The changes are there, I can’t deny it, but they work for the screen. The whole ‘box plot’ gives Jeanine a purpose that visually is better. Shai and Theo both stepped up their game, and while I love Theo as Four I wasn’t sold on Shailene as Tris until the truth serum scene. I was blown away. I am still a little bitter that they replaced my beloved Edward and replaced him with Edgar… But I have to admit Jonny Weston was a bad ass. My hope for the series as films is that fans can look past what they left out/changed and learn to love them as movies and not book adaptations. Because take the books out of the equation and holy crap these are awesome movies! I can’t wait to see it again.



Honestly the first time I saw it I had mixed emotions, so much was different! Then I saw it a 2nd time with my cousin and he was asking how it was different and I TOTALLY blanked on what happens in the book!! I loved the movie the 2nd time!! And they were not joking when they said non-stop action!! Yes there are differences but if the movie was verbatim to the book it would have dragged BAD. I love the futuristic technology and the factionless sets. Overall it was fabulous!



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