Yahoo has named the cast of The Fault in our Stars the “Best Persons on the Internet this month” – awesome!

And that’s why we’re naming The Fault in Our Stars crew the Best Person(s) on the Internet This Month. We’re looking at you, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and John Green! Here are just a few signs of their greatness:

1. They Really, Really Love Each Other. And it gives us the warm fuzzies in a major way. Take one look at Ansel’s Instagram or author John Green’s Twitter feed and you’ll get the sense that these people would be sending each other messages and spending time together even if they didn’t have a big movie to promote. #Johnsel, anyone?

2. Sharing Is Caring. The gang from this movie isn’t just doing your typical promotion — they’re handing out mini-spoilers aimed at the fans of Green’s bestselling novel… starting with Green himself. The author shot a cameo for the film, but, as he admitted this week, it wound up on the cutting room floor.

Fans also know that An Imperial Affliction, by Peter Van Houten, is not a real book. But, seeing as it plays such a pivotal role in the movie, it needed a cover

3. They Know You’re Going to Cry. You know you’re going to cry, and they want to help. Check out their guide for what to bring with you to see the kids with cancer romantic dramedy:

4. Johning Went Viral. John Green probably won the Internet back in 2009 or something, and he just lets everyone else live in it and think they’re winning (ahem, Bieber!). Case in point: When The Hollywood Reporter ran a photo of him lying on a hotel room floor with his feet on the bed and laptop on his chest, the pose went viral. “Johning” became a thing. DFTBA, indeed.

5. Hair for Hazel. Yeah, so this happened last year, but it’s no less inspiring today. Seeing as The Fault in Our Stars is a movie the deals with cancer, we love that Woodley donated her long locks — cut at the start of filming — to Children With Hair Loss, which creates wigs for kids in need. Motivated by Woodley and her character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, the Hair for Hazel campaign was launched urging other young women to donate their tresses as well. It worked.

6. They’ve Got the Music in Them. Anticipating the TFIOSsoundtrack being one of the bestselling albums of summer (yeah, we said it), the studio put together a live stream concert event featuring many of the bands included. We’re talkin’ Ed Sheeran, Grouplove, Charli XCX, and more.

7. Did We Mention They’re Everywhere? Because they are. And they’re going to be especially everywhere on June 5 for “The Night Before Our Stars,” an in-theater event where people can see the movie early and then stick around for a live simulcast experience with Woodley, Elgort, Wolff, Green, director Josh Boone, and producer Wyck Godfrey, as well as live musical performances. Get all the deets here.

And be sure to check out the recent Tumblr and Yahoo Movies-hosted press conference live stream:


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