Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 12.00.06 PMIt’s been a full day now since the action packed Insurgent Trailer has come into our lives! We here at Tris and Four have gathered our thoughts together for you! Check out our thoughts below:


EPIC! I can honestly say I was blown away by this Trailer. I wasn’t sure that it could get better than Divergent but it did! Yes I along with the majority of the fandom was thinking “What the heck?” About quite a bit of this (mostly the box) but as I rewatched and slowed down I realized there was SO MUCH content to this Trailer! I loved getting little glimpses of some of our favorite scenes from the book. The Amity Compound. The Erudite/Dauntless Jackets. Candor headquarters. I loved the way they decided to translate Jeanine studying etc Tris to screen. I DO think that people will pick apart this trailer but we also need to remember that this is an ADAPTION. I think Lionsgate has stepped up the game to make this movie Visually stunning and captivating and wants this to be a blockbuster which I have no doubt it will be! I absolutely loved catching glimpses of things like Marlene falling to her demise and meeting Evelyn! I think everyone needs to keep an open mind and remember that this is a brand new way to enjoy MORE of our beloved story! Some people have expressed that they are worried… I’m def not! I think this is going to be amazing! Is it March yet?! Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.52.36 AM


I think this trailer is AMAZING, and every time I watch it, I get more and more excited for March. I could probably spend a full post gushing about what I love, but instead, I’ll just talk about one thing: FOURTRIS! OK, technically, Tris and Four are two separate people, but I choose to talk about them as one entity right now.

Insurgent Tris and Four are my faves, primarily because of how amazing their relationship is. And as we can see from the trailer, the film will definitely be portraying and maybe even elevating it. Tris is fierce, Four is menacing (jumping in front of a train, WHAT!), and together, nothing will get in their way, especially when it comes to protecting each other.

I’m excited to see some FourTris intimate moments (how hot was that kiss?!), but as you’ll remember from the book, these two disagree quite a bit, especially when it comes to Evelyn. I can’t wait to see how Tris and Four deal with their disagreements and grow as individuals and togetherScreen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.53.54 AM


Like everyone else I’m sure my initial though was “what the heck is this box business?? Did they even read the book?” But the after it ended I was in a state of awe. Like jaw dropping awe, I’m not even kidding. I watched it again and I immediately did not care about the changes, they’re better suited for a film adaptation in my opinion. Insurgent is my favorite of the series and of course I wanted it to be done right, but at the same time I’m excited for new things! Being the sap that I am the trailer made me misty eyed. I’m just so excited that I can’t control my own emotions when I watch it. I just can’t wait to see the final product, so excuse me while I go hibernate until March.

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Wow.. What more can I say than that?

I know everyone is gonna pick it apart but I think it’s awesome.  It’s different than the book but so was Divergent (that was awesome) so I trust the filmmakers judgement with it.

Tris looks amazing and hello DERMAL piercing, in a non traditional place.. SO Dauntless!

I love the use of technology (which is what I loved about Divergent too) when you’re reading you relate things to what you know, so seeing it onscreen is so much more epic.

Evelyn!!! I love that they didn’t show the relationship in the preview so non book readers will be thrown for a loop watching the movie.

They gave just the right amount to make you want more!!  It looks amazing.

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Finally an Insurgent trailer! I have been waiting anxiously and I have to say, watching it, I felt like it was very new and different. As a loyal fan to the books, I can’t help but analyze the differences and start to question every detail. My husband, who hasn’t read the books, thought it was action packed and intriguing and so I feel like they are trying to draw in a new audience on top of the loyal fans of the series, which could be a great thing! There was a lot of explosions and slow motion and the music added to the intensity of it all. The trailer has a very action/sci-fi feel which will play well on the big screen. I loved the cool looking pentagonal prism shaped box, the slow motion jumping in front of the train and Tris firing a gun. I also liked seeing Tris jump through the glass to fight herself, I think that will be exciting. But my most favourite scene in the trailer was of course, the shoulder tattoo on Tris as she is embraced by Four, I am a sucker for that love story!  Overall I think this trailer does a great job of setting the tone for an action packed second movie and I can’t wait until March!

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  1. I love Tris and Tobias together! Hottest couple there is! I love how passionate and trustworthy thy are! But the 2nd book just goes round and round with aarguments aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!!!!!!! Remember everybody “Be Brave” Tobias Eaton