Let me preface this post by saying SPOILER ALERT.  If you haven’t read Allegiant you need to stop what you are doing, go get the book and read it, like RIGHT NOW!!

Sugarscape interviewed Veronica Roth and she talks about her favorite characters to write and the “Allegiant reaction”

When you first sat down and started writing Divergent, did you always have that kind of end point in mind or was it something that came later?

Well, I wrote Divergent totally blind without any planning so I didn’t plan it from the very first page that it would even be a trilogy because I didn’t know what the book would be. But after I wrote the first draft of Divergent and when the book sold I do remember talking to my editor about how I wanted the rest of them to go because the publisher said, ‘You know, do you have other books planned?” I said, ‘This is how I’m thinking of ending it,” and she said ‘Don’t tell anyone about that!’

That was her reaction. So it was definitely a part of the plan although I wasn’t sure if I would stick to it because I try not to stick so closely to my outlines that I have sacrifice the story. But then I was inching closer and closer to the end I was like this is the right option, this is the only option.

We totally got it, but MAN it must have been so hard for you to do that to characters you obviously adore.

Oh yeah, it was really hard for me too. I kept being like, well how can I save her? You know, like how can I fix it? And every time I tried it was like oh this is such a lie, this is just maybe not giving my readers enough credit or giving my characters enough credit.

In terms of YA, it’s quite untraditional to end things in that kind of way. Quite often things end happily and things come together as it were. Did you feel like it was important to do that, to break away from that or that was just the way it had to be?

No, I mean, I definitely wasn’t trying to make some kind of point or to be different or anything like that, I just had set up each book with the same structure, which is why it ends with a near sacrifice by Tris trying to make her way back to Abnegations and then each time it doesn’t work because she doesn’t quite get it. But then in the third book when she finally got it and I felt she was mature and that her whole struggle was kind of at an end, like her internal struggle, I was just like the only way to make this work for her or to do justice to how hard she’s fought is to have this happen.

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