Veronica Roth was at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Sunday and she explains Divergent using all 5 factions and talks about the voice of the characters.

At the core of her series, Roth said, is a reversal of the typical character arcs of males and females. Traditionally, female characters keep things, such as family, together. Male characters go through a journey of becoming a fully formed adult. Instead, in “Divergent,” Tris is becoming her “fully realized self.”
“To really embrace who she is, find her strength and see what she really believes in,” Roth continued. “Tris’ voice is hard, direct straightforward and repetitive — like a man’s.”
Four, the male, speaks “poetic stream of consciousness, and he doesn’t hold things back,” Roth said. “It was like a playground for my mind.”


She also touches on what I call the “YA Shaming” (like YA books aren’t worth reading etc)

Roth said it’s not her role to tell people what the point of her books is. “The last thing you need is me to stand over you shaking my finger and telling you what to believe,” she said, noting she wrote the first book at the age of 21.
“Hopefully, books will guide you to ask questions,” Roth said. “But I don’t want to be the one telling you the definitive lesson.”

She also had harsh words for “intellectual elites” who bash young adult books, their authors and fans. “The last thing young adults need to hear is what they like is silly,” she said. “What were you doing as a child? Smoking a pipe and reading the ‘Illiad?’ ”


The whole article is really interesting, it helps you get inside of Veronica’s head just a little bit more.  Check it out HERE.

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