Last week, Vulture caught up with Veronica Roth at Book Expo America in NYC.  In a brief interview, Veronica confirmed that Uriah will definitely be in the Insurgent film and talks a little about who she might want cast:

“They haven’t cast it yet, because he doesn’t need to start shooting for a little while,” Roth told us.

As for her Uriah casting hopes: “I try not to think like that, because if they don’t cast someone who doesn’t fit my very specific mental image, there’s no point in being upset about that — to a certain extent. If they cast a white boy, I would be kind of upset about that. I just try to make sure that I’m clear that it’s very important.”

Veronica also commented about Allegiant being split into two films.  When asked where she would divide the films:

 “Where would I split it? Probably after they leave the city. Because there’s a lot going on in that early part, and then they leave the city and figure out what’s out there, and I think that makes sense.”

Well, we’re all waiting with bated breath for Uriah casting news!  As for the Allegiant split, do you agree with Veronica?  How do you think the two films should be divided?

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