A few weeks ago, Veronica Roth had the chance to screen The Divergent Series: Insurgent! We fans are definitely excited to the see the film, but of course it’s always great to hear what Veronica thinks of adaptation, especially since this is her brainchild onscreen! Well, she shared a review on her tumblr page, and from all signs, Veronica loved it! Check out what she had to say:



A few weeks ago I flew out to Los Angeles, a mythical place where there are flowers…on trees…inFebruary. (What is this sorcery?!) And while I was there, I experienced another strange yet wonderful phenomenon: I saw Insurgent.

Guys, Insurgent is great— and fun to watch. It is a tense, action-packed adventure of a movie. At certain points, my muscles were so clenched I felt like I had just done a series of push-ups. When I left, I immediately wanted to go back in and see it again. (I still do!)

I know that some of you are probably apprehensive because as the trailers have revealed, there are a few clear differences between the book and the movie. I shared that apprehension walking into the screening room, but I walked out of the movie relieved—and excited. Insurgent, the book, has a complicated plot—a lot of moving parts, a lot of ups and downs. That sort of thing can work in a book, but if it’s translated directly to the screen, it makes for a messy, confusing movie. The changes that were made streamline the story so it makes sense for this new format; in other words, they work.

And more importantly, the characters—especially Tris, whose difficult emotional journey is really the driving force of Insurgent—are definitely the ones I know and love. Watching it, I felt so lucky that we had such a strong cast, who brought so much to every moment, and a great director, who added so much richness to the world while still keeping it familiar.

I can’t wait for you guys to see it, too!

Just one more month!


This is so EXCITING! We’re especially happy to hear that Veronica feels the changes made from the book’s plot help enhance the storytelling and that the awesome characters we love shine!

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent hits theaters on March 20, 2015.


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