In a new article with Teen Vogue, Veronica Roth talks about what inspired her to write Four: A Divergent Collection! She also discusses her upcoming Four Tour:

“This book was really a way for me to give back to readers,” Roth says. “It was great as a writer to explore this character since he was such a fan favorite. He’s very capable. No matter what situation he’s in, he has the resources to deal with it, because he has this sort of strength inside him. He can survive.”

In addition to her book release, Roth is sharing the love on the road with some other YA favorites, embarking on a four-city national book tour this summer with Marie Lu (Legend), Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures & Icons), and Phoebe North (Starglass). She even handpicked each author to join her at the different locations. “I think every author who’s been on a tour by themselves knows how lonely it can be,” she shares. “These are authors I’m a fan of. I’m really excited for them to be joining me!”

Veronica also discloses some of what she’s planning to do next:

Next for Roth: Besides the release of Four, her summer book tour, and the Divergent movie coming out on DVD in August, Roth is ready for some much-needed downtime. “I feel like I’m ready to take a break,” she says. “Just to get a chance to do normal things.” But fangirls of the world, no need to panic. The author assures that in time, she will work on something new. “I will write again…eventually.”

Make sure to read the full article HERE! Have you pre-ordered your copy of FOUR, yet?

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