Promo for The Divergent Series: Insurgent is in full effect, and Ansel Elgort definitely made sure we knew it! This morning, Ansel made his rounds to various morning talk shows in New York City to promote the upcoming Insurgent and also share some sneak peeks from the film.

First up, Ansel stopped by The TODAY Show to talk with Matt Lauer. The interview (which you can watch below) starts with a new clip of Caleb telling Tris and Four that he doesn’t plan to come with them to Candor. He’s very resistant to the idea of starting a civil war…

Afterwards, Ansel talks to Matt about the success of Divergent, the love/hate relationship we Initiates have with Caleb (TRUE STORY), and also answers fans’ twitter questions (like what he’d like to have a tattoo of):

In this second video (also beginning with the Caleb/Tris/Four clip), Ansel chats with Kathie Lee and Hoda about how he really likes the Insurgent film. He says it doesn’t feel like a typical YA movie, but rather Insurgent is darker with lots of action/adventure. Ansel also talks about how much he enjoys working with Shailene Woodley, his first acting job, and how he really appreciates Divergent fans:


Finally, Ansel also made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael. In the interview (starts at the 27:27 mark) he talks about presenting at the Oscars, fan-boying over Clint Eastwood, and playing in the NBA Celebrity All-Star game. Ansel also explains to Kelly and Michael who/what an “Anselite” is:


It’s great to see Ansel having so much fun doing press! In case you haven’t heard, he will also be a guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight! So check your local listings and make sure to tune in!


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