Press and promo for The Divergent Series: Insurgent is in full gear! Ansel Elgort kicked things off earlier this week by making appearances at the TODAY Show and Live with Kelly and Michael this past Tuesday (March 3). Later on that evening, Ansel also stopped by The Tonight Show and chatted with Jimmy Fallon about the upcoming movie.

Take a look at the interview below—Ansel talks about how amazing the cast is (AGREED) and gives a somewhat spoiler summary of Insurgent and Caleb’s role in the rebellion. He also presents the same film clip from his other appearances of Caleb telling Tris and Four that he refuses to go with them to Candor.

And in the second video, Ansel discusses going to the Oscars with his Mom, being worried about pulling a “Travolta” when he had to pronounce the winners’ names, and how his Mom didn’t know who any of the stars were and ended up embarrassing him in front of Bruce Willis!




So hilarious!

The very next evening (Thursday, March 4), Zoe Kravitz also visited The Tonight Show! In the first segment (below), Zoe shares pictures of her trip to the studio on the subway. Jimmy also shares a story about how Lenny Kravitz (Zoe’s Dad) randomly picked him up from the airport in the Bahamas!

In the second video, Zoe talks specifically about Insurgent and how it jumps off from the first film and goes for it. We also get a new clip of Tris and Christina’s reunion in Candor…Christina asks for Will, which of course totally pulls at the heart-strings because we know what happened! And in the final segment, Zoe and Jimmy play a game of giant beer pong that gets pretty competitive!




We love it when Divergent cast members visits Jimmy Fallon! He’s always so funny and gracious, and it looks like Ansel and Zoe had a great time!

What are your favorite parts of the interviews?


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