If you were online last night, you probably noticed that at around 8:50p(ET), the Internet exploded. True, this usually happens when Beyoncé tweets or posts something Instagram, but last night was particularly insane because of the merging of two juggernauts. Last night, Beyoncé shared this teaser of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer on her Instagram account:


Of course, there are SEVERAL things to be excited about: first, the teaser is SO sexy–Christian in his office, master of all he sees; Christian’s hand under the table, slowly sliding Ana’s (presumably) skirt up; Christian turning a key and opening up the door to what is likely the Red Room of Pain–SEXY! And through the video, we hear a slow, seductive beat, accented in the end with Beyoncé’s sultry voice singing a remix of Crazy in Love!


Since Beyoncé shared the teaser and her song is featured, we can assume that she involved in FSoG’s music and soundtrack, though her exact role in the project isn’t certain. In any event, I’ll be over here watching the trailer on repeat and counting down to the debut of the full trailer this Thursday! Who’s with me???

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