From The Morning Show: The two stars of the hotly-anticipated film “Divergent” join The Morning Show to discuss being the face of this popular franchise, their on-screen chemistry, Shailene’s philosophy on life, and Theo’s musical talent.

Right around 7:37, we get another treat to Theo’s beat-boxing!

This article also accompanies the video:

TORONTO — Shailene Woodley, in a six-year contract for the TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, was hesitant to commit to the Divergent trilogy — until she spoke with Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

“She gave me some great sound advice and let me in on her Hunger Gamesexperience,” Woodley recalled. “Through her words I was inspired to want to do a franchise for the first time.”

The 22-year-old actress appeared Thursday on Global’s The Morning Show with herDivergent co-star Theo James, 29.

Woodley admitted she is slightly uncomfortable with fame.

“There’s this expectation that actors become models now and wear very fancy dresses on carpets,” she said, adding she is more interested in talking about issues like climate change.

“[Stars] can make this about ourselves given the platform that we have or we can use it for a cause,” Woodley explained.

Her advice to her peers? “Use all this attention for something that’s greater than just an individual life. Pay it forward.”

With Divergent on track to be a box office hit, James said he is bracing for what may be ahead. He said the two stars saw the final cut of the movie on Sunday.

“Inevitably there is trepidation when you see a film because you only have the control of the scenes you’re in [but] we were genuinely really proud of it and we think it’s really honoured the material but also kept quite a visceral dark quality to it.”

Divergent follows people in a dystopian society divided into five factions based on personality. To move between factions, they must face their fears in a series of challenges.

Asked what they fear the most, James said “being torn apart by a Great White Shark.”

Woodley added: “Submarines and space. Terrifying.”

Divergent opens March 21.

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