Earlier this week, MTV News shared more of Josh Horrowitz’s interview with Shailene Woodley! While before, they talked about Tris being a “special divergent” and why she’s important to opening the mystery box, in the interview (below) Shailene talks about one of the opponents Tris must face in Insurgent—HERSELF.

Shai goes on to say how “we’re always our toughest opponent” because we know our own deepest secrets, and the darkest part of ourselves can manipulate that. She also talks about how the process of filming the Tris vs. Dark Tris scene was physically difficult, tricky, and maybe even embarrassing:


WOW, We can’t wait to be able to see that scene and how Dark Tris manifests!

MTV also announced a new sweepstakes where you could win a trip to visit the Allegiant set once filming starts. Go HERE for more information and enter today!


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