Entertainment Tonight has a first look on the set of The Divergent Series: Allegiant where they talk about “the wall” and… well not much else. My first question, when did we stop calling it a fence and start calling it a wall?

Since the announcement of the name change for the 4th movie, Ascendant, we’ve been having some fun with the series because honestly it’s the only thing keeping us sane. Last week we had a Text Talk about the changes where we begged for more Four and asked for more Caleb running. (Check out our Text Talk here) The teaser trailer release gave us those things with Four in uniform AND out of uniform 😉 And what could be better than a running Caleb? That’s right, a flying Caleb! Cause you know, the wall and stuff…

While this behind-the-scenes was lacking any real behind-the-scenes, we’re ready for more promo to begin and this is hopefully just the beginning.

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