Today on Twitter Chloë Grace Moretz shared the international sneak peak for ‘The 5th Wave’ – but if we’re being honest, this 2 min and 29 second long “sneak peak” is the first trailer, and you will find zero complaints here!

This trailer is perfect. It shows us just enough stuff from the book to get us hyped about it being a good adaptation of Rick Yancey’s phenomenal book of the same name, The 5th Wave. It starts strong with the opening scene, that one that was hard to read because no teenage girl should have to do the things Cassie has to do, but it wouldn’t be an end-of-the-world YA book without teenage hardships.

I love how Cassie brings us through the waves. The plane dropping dead out of the sky actually gave me chills. And the birds who spread the infection… ugh. I never had a thing for birds, so I feel Cassie so much on that level. Skip ahead a bit and break my heart with Sammy in the bus and Cassie running after it holding Bear. Oh the feels. And then they show parts from the end and I just cannot deal! This movie is going to kill me.

Things I didn’t like in the trailer, that they show Cassie and Evan kissing. I already have a stigma with trailers within the last year or so showing way too much too soon, and this right here is a perfect example of a trailer spoiler. They show shots of Cassie talking to Ben, and Cassie with Evan, so let the audience who hasn’t read the books wonder. That’s just my opinion though. At least they didn’t show the other secret that a certain someone has 😉

If you haven’t read these books yet, do it. The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea are some of the greatest Sci-Fi YA books I’ve ever read, and right now I’m anxiously waiting for The Last Star (May 17th) so I can probably die from whatever ending Rick Yancey has in store.

Back to the trailer. So far I myself am remaining positive about this adaptation. The trailer really is promising, and I’m really excited about Chloë playing Cassie, plus I love the choices for the boys, Nick Robinson as Ben Parish and Alex Roe as Evan Walker, plus the rest of the cast itself. (for more check out the IMDB)

‘The 5th Wave’ is in theaters January 17, 2016. Are you excited?



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