After going to Stephen Amell’s panel at Chicago Comic Con and listening to him hint at what’s to come in the fourth season of Arrow, it’s an understatement to say we were excited. A couple of weeks later, the CW released this trailer, and it was basically Christmas morning in September. Check it out:

OLICITY. New suit. New villains (oh hey Damien Darhk). Thea looking amazing as Speedy. Olicity. Black Canary. Constantine. Dig has a new look! Sara is back! Did I mention Olicity?!

There’s so much to take away from this trailer, but one thing I know for certain is that it looks like a lot of amazing things are going to be happening this season! And I’m sure they’ll pack in the emotional punches too. What are you looking forward to in season 4?

Arrow returns October 7th!

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