Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick was of course the moderator for The Walking Dead panel at SDCC, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are a few things we learned form the panel:


  • Sunday October 11 at 9|8c with a 90 minute season premiere!
  • Melissa McBride taps into her Alexandria Carol and brings cookies for the panel.
  • Andrew Lincoln misses his Rick beard and wants to grow it back asap.
  • The scene where Michonne punches Rick, Danai Gurira actually hit Andrew Lincoln!
  • Steven Yeun made me tear up when he said “Glenn was trying to save any part of the old world that he could” about when he didn’t kill Nicholas. (Glenn is everything)
  • Sonequa Martin-Green hopes there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for Sasha’s recovery.
  • Melissa McBride says Carol does what she does because she’s fueled by the loss of people.
  • Norman Reedus’ favorite emoji?He also says “There’s a little bit of darkness that pops up all the time.” Hopefully his balloon emoji will never pop :p
  • Andrew Lincoln’s mom is desperate for Richonne to happen and I am right there with her! You go Mrs. Lincoln!!
  • Wolves or Mega Heard? Michael Cudlitz says “bring it” – nothing phases Abraham… except for when his whole mission is destroyed by Eugene’s lies.

Along with the panel the world premiere trailer for season 6 was also revealed and it is spine tingling good. I almost wish I was recording my trailer reaction cause it was all jaw-to-the-floor, weird noises, and unbelievably wide eyes. But see for yourself and tell me that it’s not the most intense trailer in TWD history:

“You really think you’re gonna take this community from us? From Daryl? From Michonne? From Glenn? From Me?!”

Can we talk about the fact that it isn’t October yet and we’re pretty much dying for this new season? We’ve watched Rick go through so many stages of insanity and clarity, but I don’t know if there is anymore clarity left in him. He’s gone off the deep end is is in 100% survival mode to keep him and his family alive. This trailer is making it seem as though Rick and Morgan are going to be pitted against each other through the whole season. We can’t be certain who Rick is talking to when he says “You really think you’re going to take this community from us?” but I think the trailer wants us to think it’s to Morgan. Which it very well could be, or AMC is trying to trick us into thinking the trailer is a little spoilery, and get us focused on plan A, but really sneak attack plan B is in full swing and it might be something totally crazy. But in any case, the trailer is amazing and the season looks promising. I know I’m excited!

What do you think Season 6 holds for our favorite zombie fighting band of misfits? The Walking Dead premieres Sunday October 11 with a 90 minute episode!

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