tumblr_mxnnadAJLc1qhca2jo1_250Witches of East End is back for season 2 and I am so excited!  Although I haven’t read the books, I am a fan of Melissa de la Cruz.  (Blue Bloods, The Au Pairs)  She has great characters that I want to watch week after week.  The Season 2 premiere was this last Sunday, July 6th, on Lifetime.

**Spoilers ahead**

Last season ended with huge cliffhangers!

Joanna (Julia Ormond) is poisoned with Argentium by Penelope/Athena


Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) chooses Killian (Daniel DiTomasso) over his brother Dash (Eric Winter) and leaves him at the altar (must be tough choosing one hot guy over another!!)

Both brothers get their powers back when their mother Athena is killed and Dash uses his unknown powers against Killian and pushes his boat out to sea


On top of all of that, the portal to Asgard (aka their home) is opened!! Wowza!!


Season 2 opens with everyone’s memory wiped from the portal to Asgard opening and Joanna sick from the poison. Spells are cast, and they vaguely remember what we, the viewers, saw at the end of the Season 1 finale.  We know someone or something came out of the portal.   Frederick (Christian Cooke), Freya’s brother, who was stuck in Asgard shows up saves the day by taking the poison out of Joanna and into himself.  That must earn him good guy points right? Then why the creepy slow-mo pan to him listening to his mom and aunt?  I’m still not sure about him!!  Freya is still caught up in man drama and Ingrid is pigeonholed (again) as the goody-goody of the group and  she proves them wrong again.  (Hello?! Does anyone remember that Ingrid always likes the crazy guys?!)


Check out the previews to this season, it looks good!!  Don’t forget to watch on Sunday nights and fangirl with us!!



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